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“there is nothing worse than not being able to read or reading poorly”

Finding people that cannot read is often difficult. Because of their embarrassment and the poor judgements of their peers or others they have learned to hide or disguise their inability. They may suffer from low self-esteem or not relate well with other people.

This is not necessary!

There are professionals trained to deal with the many issues that relate to a person’s inability to learn to read. To correct this learning disability you need specially trained individuals. Efforts and desires are not enough.

People deserve to be able to read. They need to be able to read!

The people who can help are professionally trained academic language therapists, and are trained at top level universities over a number of years. They have learned to work with individuals who are dyslexic or have other reading disabilities. These people can teach and remediate successfully because they have been extensively trained in multisensory structured language teaching. It is NOT just reading. It is also spelling and the written language.

My practice can accommodate dyslexia in its many forms, struggling readers and any non-reading people, whether they are young or older. We offer flexible times and various venues.

If you or anyone you are acquainted with could benefit from this service, please contact me through the information below. The initial consultation does not take long and the price is reasonable. After the consultation we can discuss the best type of program and schedule.

My name is Marsha Baker,
I can be contacted at:
Scrambled Language Therapy

I am a mother of a dyslexic son, have three years’ small group Title I reading tutor experience, a Masters of Education from Dallas Baptist University, and am training at Southern Methodist University as an academic language therapist. I will proudly receive my formal certification after the completion of my clinical hours.

Let us help. Together we can do this