• Begins with a baseline assessment.
  • One on One instruction based on Orton-Gillingham instructional methodology
  • Research shows a student must attend at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 45 – 60 minutes per session.

Lessons are:

  • Systematic, sequential, explicit, cumulative, intensive, and structured lessons
  • Multisensory- kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and tactile. The lessons are hands on with verbal and physical participation.
  • Lessons are reinforced by the student listening, speaking, reading, writing, and moving throughout the lesson.
  • Continuous progress monitoring.
  • Success is not always immediately measureable.  Remember, academic therapy is a process, not a product.

Birsh (2011 p.461) explains that Orton-Gillingham is “a system of teaching language related skills incorporating letter sounds, syllables, words, sentences, and writing contained within a daily lesson plan in which all aspects of the alphabet phonetic approach to reading and spelling were detailed.” The instructional method is direct, explicit, sequenced, systematic, cumulative, and intensive. Orton-Gillingham also states that the instruction is to be multisensory and emphasizes the how and why of reading.

Birsh, J. (Ed) (2011) Multisensory teaching of basic language skills. Baltimore. `Paul Brookes Publishing Co.